Thursday, February 10, 2011

A letter to my mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being you. For all those years I never said thank you, I am saying it now. I have watched myself become a new wife, and have noticed how much of my efforts are because of you.

I have found joy in cooking dinner, because I remember always coming home to a warm meal when I was growing up. I remember sitting down as a family almost every night to something home-made. I make your casseroles and recipes because they are comfort food now.

I still love to sew, which I credit to you, since I was not the one who seam-ripped me through 4-H! I can sew on a button, hem pants, and attach ruffles to just about anything because you taught me how. You taught me and the girls the art of being a homemaker. Ironing, laundry, sewing, cooking.

I am excited to be a mom because you were such a good one. You taught us faithfully, prayed for us daily, and never let us go. Thank you for instilling in me a love for the arts. For reading, writing, and piano. For listening to me cry over math problems, and assuring me that, yes indeed, I needed to finish Saxon math to graduate J Thanks for forcing me to study anatomy and helping quiz me into nursing school.

I am, I hope, a good wife because I watched you be such a good one. Rarely did I ever see you complain to dad, or argue in front of us. You are so faithful to him, and dad adores you. It’s easy to see why. You are a top notch teacher, cook, grandma, mom, and wife. Truly a Proverbs 31 woman.

I am who I am today because you were the mom that you were, and still are. I am the nurse I am today because you taught me to be unselfish. I am the friend I am today because you taught me to not leave others out and to always honor commitments. I am the writer I am today because you taught me never to give up on something I wanted. I am the wife I am today because you taught me how to love and honor my husband. I will be the mom I will be someday because you were so faithful.

Thank you mom.

-Love, Grace

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