Monday, January 31, 2011

blueberry muffins and burnt dinners

If you ask my husband, he probably won't agree just to be nice, but I am a terrible baker. I can manage to burn things that are in the oven for mere seconds. I promise. Cookies, bread, muffins, casseroles, (although I am getting better at these), rolls, cake. The list could go on...

I have realized lately that it's not about the burnt dinners, or in the case of this morning, burnt muffins. It's about making the time to do this anyways. See, my husband and I? We stay really busy during the week...between nursing school, my work at the University, managing artists, and my husband's job, we usually leave the house around 6 and get home around the same time. It's really hard to want to cook or clean the house when I am exhausted and facing homework and a full inbox. I had a good cry about this the other day, since as every nursing student knows, you need a good cry about every 3 weeks. It's how you survive. Anyways, I had a good sized pity party where I lamented being a failure to my patient husband. Between gulping sobs, I explained how I felt like I was slacking as a student, where my grades were steady B's, at work, where I sleepily move through my day, and as a manager, whom my artists had to work around my hectic schedule. And lastly, I bawled, as a wife. Husband, though sympathetic, doesn't let me wallow. It's one of his best traits. I am a DRAMA QUEEN, and I know it! He listened patiently, and then pointed out that I am not failing, I am just managing my time poorly. That is DEFINITELY not what i wanted to hear, but it was right on.
I DO have time to cook and clean, it just means I need to prioritize my family.

The Lord calls married women to be homemakers, plain and simple. To honor our husbands with the gifts that He has given us that our dear husbands, no matter how wonderful they are, simply are not given. if we are married, we are called to serve this way and find joy in being a

Not fashionistas, perfect bakers, daily bloggers, or career women, (though those things can have their rightful place), but FIRSTLY homemakers.

I know there are those girls who blog daily and always have a perfect house, and manage to squeeze in social time, and still stay right on their household budget. They aren't me, friends.

On the other hand, some women take this to the OTHER extreme, and look with disdain on women who do have careers or who are getting their higher education. I think that too is unGodly. I know God has distinctly called me to do the things i am doing, and I do them well to serve Him. It's sad that people believe you have to be one or the other.

After reading sweet Kelly Needham's blog (Kelly is the wife of recording artist Jimmy Needham, and new mommy to Lively!), I was challenged to be a better wife. Kelly talked about her recent struggle with avoiding the tasks of her home. She, like me, made sure she had load of excuses to avoid housework, regular cooking, and various household tasks because she was so busy. At the brink of exhaustion, like me, she talked about how she felt like because she worked full time, she "deserved" to leave those other tasks undone because she was so tired. And since her husband was away much of the time, it meant she could slack off even more. She was convicted about her time outside her home as well. I find myself making these excuses: "Well, our house is so small!", and "we are tightly on a budget this month", "Well, we don't have kids yet" and "I'm so tired". Since we've been married, I am home a lot. partly because I am exhausted, and mostly because I enjoy being with my husband. BUT, I do have a terrible habit of working while at home. Email, homework, misc articles...they all find ways to consume me while I'm on the couch. Just because I work full time and go to school, doesn't mean my sweet husband doesn't need a clean house, an organized budget, and a little effort on my part to stop napping in sweatpants at the end of the day. I know I feel better when i put a little makeup on, do my hair, and put actual clothing on, and i know he appreciates it too. Even when the muffins are burnt, and dinner is a few minutes later, I can make the move to be more home-centered.

It's going to take a lot more effort, but I know i can definitely improve my poor attitude when it comes to
cultivating my household. How about you?

Friday, January 28, 2011

etsy treasures and becoming an accessorizer!

i have just a few pieces of jewelry that i actually wear. i have a closet bursting with clothes (literally BURSTING), and barely any jewelry. I wear a little bit. let me walk you through my jewelry drawer (a short trip, friends. really.)

exhibit a: my three stone pendant. i LOVE this pendant. it is a 1/4 carat total weight, three pear shaped diamonds in ascending size. its perfect. tiny and dainty. husband got it for christmas 2009, and i rarely took it off for months! this picture isnt very good, and isnt MY pendant, but its the best i can do.

exhibit b: my Juicy Couture "Princess Collection 2010" studs. These are gigantic cubic studs set in silver crown settings! They are perfect because they go with everything and I can still wear them at the hospital when i am at work.

exhibit c: my pearls. my parents got me these for my 21st birthday, and i love them! they are timeless, and i wear them often. I have the matching studs, necklace, and bracelet. good job mom ;)

exhibit d: my wedding rings! not gonna lie, sometimes while i am driving, i look at my wedding ring and almost run off the road. it gets extra sparkly in the sun! ;0) Made by Marquerrites Jewelers in Montgomery, it is a carat solitaire, surrounded by eight baguettes and 36 tiny round diamonds. the band is 20 more tiny round diamonds, with a divet to match the large diamond. i love it! husband did a great job.

That is the end of my jewelry! I have a bunch of cheap dangly earrings that I never wear, and that about rounds it out. So, i have been trying to expand my collection with some interesting pieces. Here is the first:

This pretty tree necklace was something i snagged at our local resale shop, and i fell in love with the structure of it. so far, i have worn it three times, which is a record for something other than my "staple" jewelry!

The second addition to my new accessory collection is this:

This lovely earring and necklace set from Ruche is perfect. I love the bronze-gold tones and the subtle sparkle. I am trying to pair it with a simple white vee-neck, a black blazer, nude pumps, and dark jeans.

Monday, January 24, 2011

how to buy online dresses

i love weekends! needless to say, after a week of work and school, there is NOTHING better than snuggling up to my husband and sleeping in until noon on saturdays. unfortunately, i am evidently unable to sleep in. i woke up at SIX FIFTEEN on saturday, ready to jump out of bed and wide awake. what a letdown. i forced myself to sleep in until .... EIGHT. yippee. i never thought it would happen...but i think work has made me a morning person. terrible i know.

husband and i lazed around most of saturday, prepping for this coming week and resting up after being a little under the weather all week. Sunday brought church, lunch with new friends, and i spent the latter half of the day shopping with addi. this week brings a packed work week, but im excited that we will be headed up to Portland on the 4th of February, to see my bestie Liz and my sister Sarah. We will also be watching three of my favorite people in the whole wide world on Saturday night, so my sister can get a date with her hubby. I am happy my sis gets a date night, but actually am secretly just happy to snuggle with my niece and nephews ;-)

i ordered this cute blue dress the other day, finally using some of the gift cards I have had in my purse. i like the pretty ruffles and it's spring-blue color.

Some people have asked me where I get my clothes, so here are my top favorites:

MODCLOTH: This site, while spendy for dresses, has beautiful, longer length and vintage style dresses. I am currently drooling over this incredible french inspired piece:

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Ah...sweet anthropologie! These dresses are on the high end, but they are LOVELY and high quality. I am loving this songbird covered navy blue dress with its mint sash.

SHOPRUCHE: This site has pretty, romantic pieces, but is of much lesser quality of the other sites. It is on the lowest end of my favorite sites, but occasionally I can find a dress I like that is a great brand. is my fallback. It has tons of pretty dresses, but beware the SHORT LENGTHS! I am 5'2" and I must purchase dresses at least 34" long from shoulder to hem. Anything shorter cannot be worn even with tights or leggings, because it pretty much resembles a shirt. I prefer around 35-36.5 inches which hits just above my knee.

Okay lots of my friends have asked how I can purchase dresses and know they will fit. Here are my KEYS TO BUYING ONLINE:

1) RESEARCH THE BRANDS. Sites have size charts but they carry different brands. This means their size chart is an average of their brands. If the site lists the brand, go to the BRAND WEBSITE and read the size chart. Often it will be much different. For example, on, they sell many Tulle dresses. On the Tulle site, the size chart shows me I can't fit into any of them because they are too big. On the site it makes it look like I can wear an XS.

2) KNOW YOUR ACTUAL SIZE. It doesnt matter if you are normally a 2, chances are you won't be one online. Take your measurements, and take them where they actually are! Your waist is NOT where you wear your pants. It is your natural waist, above your belly button. Your hip and bust measurements need to be taken at specific places, or you will always get the wrong size.

3)CHECK RETURN POLICIES. No matter how good you get at this, you will sometimes get a loser. A coat came to me the complete wrong size, and I had to send it back. Make sure its returnable.

4)KNOW WHAT WORKS. I know that I need dresses that taper in at the waist and have snug underarm fits. Anything with ruffles works for me, as well as high waisted belted dresses. I know that shirt dresses will always look funny, and they anything "loose" in the bodice will swallow me whole. Learn what works for you and stick with that.

Monday, January 17, 2011

our January!

We are happily enjoying the last day before the craziness of the week insues...I started work at the hospital this week, and husband started his brand new job! its definitely been an adjustment from our somewhat lazy holiday break, where we slept in until noon and ate doughnuts in bed :) husband is working at the corporate offices of motorcycle superstore, and so far, he likes it a lot. we are happy and thankful to both be working again. im still working at SOU, two days a week, and working parttime for CCM Magazine. i love my work at CCM, and have found it to be a great fit as a staff contributor, and their Social Media Coordinator. I work as a primary artist manager for Dakota Green, who is successfully climbing the charts with his latest single. We are thrilled, and gearing up for his album release in February.

I love working at Prov, and enjoy pre/post op work. I admit each patient, put in an IV, give meds and prep for surgery, and then off they go to procedures like colonoscopy, abdominal surgery, or chole's. I love working in day surgery, where around 60 percent of my patients are ped's...i love children, so i'm a happy camper. its hard, exhausting, but really rewarding work. no matter how tired i am, i cant help but love what i do. my patients make it so incredibly worth it.

In fashion news, I have been drooling over this darling dress from, with tiny foxes all over it. isn't it cute??

can't wait to order it.. <3

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Coach Bag

As I sit here thinking about 24 hours working in the hospital this week, I can only think about being done with school in June and getting my graduation present...the black patent leather Coach satchel from the Coach store. I love working in the hospital, but working all week for free (actually, PAYING to work, is not the most fun thought...but the happy graduation IS!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

scrubs. sigh.

in completely random news, the new season of grey's anatomy starts tonight and i can barely contain my excitement.
i became a grey's fan after my roommate Liz showed it to me in the fall. Now i have watched every single season and episode and would gladly watch them all over again.

in somewhat related news, i start working at the hospital on friday. im partly ecstatic and partly ready to throw up in anxiety.
i did get some new scrubs, in pretty prints because i despise ill-fitting ones with angels on them that say "nurses are caring", or they have the fairies carrying stethoscopes. i am pretty sure my patients can get the general idea even if i am in cute scrubs. i have discovered the koi brand scrubs. they, although not exactly runway worthy, are fitted and well-made so they hang nicer on me than the terrible walmart ones. being petite does not lend itself to well fitting scrubs, and size "small" are NOT for actual size small women. I had to get mine is double zero and xxs, just to be able to wash and dry them. i guess most nurses are not my size. which leads me to my list of anxieties:
1) large patients. i have a terrible fear of being squashed by a patient. no lie. i weigh all of 98 pounds. i have no clue how i will left anyone up. maybe itll be like the movies, where you get a rush of adrenaline! yeah, let's go with that...

2)poop. i know nurses are supposed to be okay with this, but after a particularly traumatizing event with poop during a previous clinical rotation, i can feel myself gaq just thinking about it. throw up, i can handle. vomit on me all you want, i am not phased. blood, guts, intestines falling out, brains, hearts, anything. ANYTHING but poop. i hope i don't hurl on anyone this term.

3)missing some terribly obvious thing. i really don't want my patients to die. really. like, alot. and especially not because of something stupid i do. you have to be on your game 24/7, every minute, because people's lives are in your hands. talk about pressure.

"I can't think of a single reason why I should be a surgeon, but I can think of a thousand reasons why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose... there are lives in our hands. There comes a moment when it's more than just a game, and you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit but here's the thing, I love the playing field."-grey's

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am writing this while the newest member of our family, we didn't get a puppy and no, we aren't pregnant! Our newest "baby" is our new Apple iPad (sad, i know) anonymous giver gave it to us for our wedding, and we are SO thankful! It is going to help a ton with my work on the go and for school...I can actually chart vital signs into it, and the calendar feature is amazing. We are looking forward to loading up Word and Powerpoint as well so I can take notes directly into it! I am already loving the easy features and clean display.

The best part is, we have been wanting to save up for one for a long time but it hasnt been in the budget. I was going to get it as a graduation present, but having it now is incredible, because I get to use it for the last 6 mos of school! My husband prayed last night, "Thank you Jesus for the iPad, and for meeting our needs and also our desires". Isn't that so crazy...the Lord knew I really wanted this. It was a silly desire, a frivolous purchase, something I couldn't afford. I told only my best friend, my husband and my co-worker that I really really liked the iPad, and how much I was excited for May (graduation). and the Lord knew. I didn't make a huge deal out of it, knew we couldnt afford it, but the Lord went above and beyond. He has been so gracious to provide even with Drew out of work...with money coming from my company and odd writing jobs here and there. He has kept food on our table and our rent paid...all needs. and now, He fulfilled a silly desire as well.

God is good.