Friday, February 11, 2011

blogs that inspire my creativity

These days, the time i have to be creative is limited. I wish i could create dresses and sew and paint and craft all day long, but my time just doesn't allow. however, that doesn't mean i can't be inspired by other people's crafting!

here are some of the blogs that i LOVE:

Finding my Feet: Raechel Myer's beautiful story of her Evie Grace drew me to the blog, and i kept up after that because of her sweet photos, wonderful sense of color, and fun baby ideas (for future :)

Adventures in Dressmaking: This fun blog always inspires me to tear up old clothes and recycle them into wearable, cute dresses. Although i don't share some of her style (her body type is different than mine, which is why she wisely chooses shapes that would look terrible on me), her ideas for ruffles and etc are fabulous

Grograin Fabulous: Oh wow. this gal just blows me away! she makes up goodwill dresses into gorgeous, drool-worthy creations that i would just love to wear. her color sense is amazing as well, and she is always combining great combinations like orange and navy and turquoise and red. lovely. She is giving away a dress today too!

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