Tuesday, February 1, 2011

unexpected blessings

So at work today, a gal left a ton of free clothes that she had from her mom, I believe. They were all really dated, but I found a dress that I am going to transform...y' all should be super excited, because well...it's kinda hideous. I mean we are talking shoulder pad hideous, friends. but there are some great structured seams in it, and some beautiful vintage buttons! I'm envisioning a nautical summer dress...i'm ridiculously excited about my free find. i'm gonna post a pic on an evening when I didn't just work ten hours solid, okay? Promise! its going to be awesome. i need y'all to hold me to this, since last time i got really excited, i spent thirty bucks on fabric for my auburn championship dress. where is it, you ask? in a box.
as in, fabric in a box, complete with a zipper and matching hair ribbons (sad, i know...)
so i'm really gonna do it this time, inspired by mrs zigenis who is doing clothing challenges left and right (the girl is wearing the same pieces, shoes included, for 30 days. brave girl.) the dress is gonna rock your socks off!

in other really neat news, please buy the album pictured above from my friend Fran...she is fabulous. plus, the cover is just really cute. so buy it. i promise you will love it. and if you don't believe me, my review is coming out in CCM soon, so you can read it there :)

don't forget to look for jesus in everything today. i found Him today, and yesterday, in the funniest little and big ways. yesterday, i won a free book from Zondervan! and i got a much bigger paycheck than i anticipated. i snagged this juicy couture watch for a penny at a thrift store! it was brand new in the BOX!

i was blessed by extra sleep, some coffee, extra time with my husband, dinner when i got home, time to clean my house, a good grade on a paper. i was also humbled by my patients today...broken people who need a big God. I think Jesus shows up and blesses my socks off sometimes to remind me that i need to represent Him better. He is a big, glorious, wrathful, gracious God who chooses to bless little ol' me. That should move me to a confident joy that should overflow to everyone.

that's my thought for today.

.mrs aspinwall.

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