Saturday, December 18, 2010

a blissful week

i really need to get back into blogging; so this is my attempt at being better :)
we got a new devotional last week, called "when sinners say i do" is SO GOOD. pretty much a mark driscoll type of "kick you in the butt" marriage book. every day we read a chapter out loud and pray together. its been so great! tonight we are hanging out at starbucks because we don't have internet yet, then i get a night off cooking (though husband has been cooking too) cause we are getting pizza :) The Lord is definitely teaching us about trust. With Drew still looking for work for now, we have been cutting back financially in a lot of areas (cough online shopping!), and it's definitely been an adjustment. We are praying through our options, especially because i will be quitting my job most likely when i start work at Prov on Jan 3rd. We are learning a ton about trust, needless to say! :) God is so faithful to provide and we are headed off to LA next week to enjoy a fun honeymoon; a gift from our precious friends Wes, Chelle, Mal, and Kevin. We are so thankful. I've been missing our Bama family and friends lately, i hope we can make it out there to visit soon. That's all for now. Pics to come ;)

mrs aspinwall

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mr and Mrs. Aspinwall

We were married Dec 11! It was a beautiful fairy tale, with 250 people and all our family. We are so thankful!

We are settling into married life, in our cute little apartment, with our first christmas tree and loads of lovely wedding gifts.

We leave tuesday for DISNEYLAND and California Adventure, a gift from some precious friends.

We love being married!