Monday, January 17, 2011

our January!

We are happily enjoying the last day before the craziness of the week insues...I started work at the hospital this week, and husband started his brand new job! its definitely been an adjustment from our somewhat lazy holiday break, where we slept in until noon and ate doughnuts in bed :) husband is working at the corporate offices of motorcycle superstore, and so far, he likes it a lot. we are happy and thankful to both be working again. im still working at SOU, two days a week, and working parttime for CCM Magazine. i love my work at CCM, and have found it to be a great fit as a staff contributor, and their Social Media Coordinator. I work as a primary artist manager for Dakota Green, who is successfully climbing the charts with his latest single. We are thrilled, and gearing up for his album release in February.

I love working at Prov, and enjoy pre/post op work. I admit each patient, put in an IV, give meds and prep for surgery, and then off they go to procedures like colonoscopy, abdominal surgery, or chole's. I love working in day surgery, where around 60 percent of my patients are ped's...i love children, so i'm a happy camper. its hard, exhausting, but really rewarding work. no matter how tired i am, i cant help but love what i do. my patients make it so incredibly worth it.

In fashion news, I have been drooling over this darling dress from, with tiny foxes all over it. isn't it cute??

can't wait to order it.. <3

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monster cakes said...

UM how cute is your new heading?! I love this! And it's so you guys. Always hooked up to your Mac or something. haha Miss you!