Friday, January 28, 2011

etsy treasures and becoming an accessorizer!

i have just a few pieces of jewelry that i actually wear. i have a closet bursting with clothes (literally BURSTING), and barely any jewelry. I wear a little bit. let me walk you through my jewelry drawer (a short trip, friends. really.)

exhibit a: my three stone pendant. i LOVE this pendant. it is a 1/4 carat total weight, three pear shaped diamonds in ascending size. its perfect. tiny and dainty. husband got it for christmas 2009, and i rarely took it off for months! this picture isnt very good, and isnt MY pendant, but its the best i can do.

exhibit b: my Juicy Couture "Princess Collection 2010" studs. These are gigantic cubic studs set in silver crown settings! They are perfect because they go with everything and I can still wear them at the hospital when i am at work.

exhibit c: my pearls. my parents got me these for my 21st birthday, and i love them! they are timeless, and i wear them often. I have the matching studs, necklace, and bracelet. good job mom ;)

exhibit d: my wedding rings! not gonna lie, sometimes while i am driving, i look at my wedding ring and almost run off the road. it gets extra sparkly in the sun! ;0) Made by Marquerrites Jewelers in Montgomery, it is a carat solitaire, surrounded by eight baguettes and 36 tiny round diamonds. the band is 20 more tiny round diamonds, with a divet to match the large diamond. i love it! husband did a great job.

That is the end of my jewelry! I have a bunch of cheap dangly earrings that I never wear, and that about rounds it out. So, i have been trying to expand my collection with some interesting pieces. Here is the first:

This pretty tree necklace was something i snagged at our local resale shop, and i fell in love with the structure of it. so far, i have worn it three times, which is a record for something other than my "staple" jewelry!

The second addition to my new accessory collection is this:

This lovely earring and necklace set from Ruche is perfect. I love the bronze-gold tones and the subtle sparkle. I am trying to pair it with a simple white vee-neck, a black blazer, nude pumps, and dark jeans.

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