Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am writing this while the newest member of our family sleeps...no, we didn't get a puppy and no, we aren't pregnant! Our newest "baby" is our new Apple iPad (sad, i know)...an anonymous giver gave it to us for our wedding, and we are SO thankful! It is going to help a ton with my work on the go and for school...I can actually chart vital signs into it, and the calendar feature is amazing. We are looking forward to loading up Word and Powerpoint as well so I can take notes directly into it! I am already loving the easy features and clean display.

The best part is, we have been wanting to save up for one for a long time but it hasnt been in the budget. I was going to get it as a graduation present, but having it now is incredible, because I get to use it for the last 6 mos of school! My husband prayed last night, "Thank you Jesus for the iPad, and for meeting our needs and also our desires". Isn't that so crazy...the Lord knew I really wanted this. It was a silly desire, a frivolous purchase, something I couldn't afford. I told only my best friend, my husband and my co-worker that I really really liked the iPad, and how much I was excited for May (graduation). and the Lord knew. I didn't make a huge deal out of it, knew we couldnt afford it, but the Lord went above and beyond. He has been so gracious to provide even with Drew out of work...with money coming from my company and odd writing jobs here and there. He has kept food on our table and our rent paid...all needs. and now, He fulfilled a silly desire as well.

God is good.

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