Monday, May 17, 2010

tour dates, date night, and working late

since we have announced our wedding and life changes...people have been nothing but overwhelmingly supportive. how blessed i have been to have many, many friends send me sweet texts and messages and take me out to lunch. i am blessed with wonderful girls who love Jesus and are praying for us. i'm thankful.

today, drew starts a long run with Chris and Conrad...he's in nashville today. i need to run to the store after work and make his tour laminate! i make him a new one every tour, it's a plastic photo and note that goes around his neck, behind his tour pass. it's become a neat way for me to serve him by making one and for him to carry it around with him all the time on tour. (we both win :) i'm so proud of the way he protects our relationship by being so careful to keep thing above board while on tour. we recently heard about a marriage destroyed by infidelity, and it encouraged us even more to be guarded about our faithfulness to each other. my non christian coworkers were shocked when i mentioned today that i don't worry about drew on tour. one said, flippantly, "well, we know what he probably does on the weekends when he 'says' hes "working". i just looked at him and said "yeah, i do know what he does, because he IS working!" they didn't know how to react; simply stating how it would be "impossible" to not sleep with women on the road. I was shocked that they thought that was normal, but i guess thats just me. Drew is so careful on tour; even not taking photos with any girls, and he wears a ring on his left hand. I'm so proud and thankful of the way he is so quick to discuss any awkward situation or anything with me, right up front. because of that, i never question him on the road.

i am blessed by his heart.

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Eric Paul said...

Awesome, Grace !!!!! Rest in Him !