Sunday, May 16, 2010

a letter to our friends and family about our wedding

To all our friends and family-

We love you all and want to share some news with all of you. We wish we were able to share this with you in person, but there simply isn’t enough time to talk to all the people we love!

The life of a guy on tour isn’t easy, and it means time apart for us much of the time. Equally, nursing school requires immense amounts of time and studying, and the time we have been able to spend with each other is so limited. Having a date night every two months means that for the other 60 days in between, everything has to be over the phone. Long distance without consistent time together created stresses and issues on top of planning a wedding.

We have, after much prayer and counsel, decided to cancel our July wedding. It was coming so quickly, and though we were excited and we have been engaged for a year, we only had spent about 5 weeks of that time together. We really need time to focus on the Lord, on our relationship with each other, and involving our families before we step forward into the new journey of marriage. That being said, we are still committed to each other and to what the Lord has for us, though we have not set another date. We truly covet your prayers as we seek the Lord and fight for this relationship; and also prayer for finances and travel to enable time together. We are excited and hopeful as we now get to relearn how to really value each other and prioritize the Lord first and foremost. We are confident that He will carry us through whatever challenges will come with the distance and stresses of touring and school, and that He will hold us together in His will.

Soli Deo gloria.

We love you all dearly and are so thankful for your presence in our lives!
All our love,
Drew and Grace

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Eric Paul said...

All in His time. God will bless you richly, I am sure.