Saturday, May 22, 2010

already counting down the days

Yes, I am fully aware that Drew's tour has just started..but i'm already counting down the days until its done! :) Not that I don't want him out on the road, because i LOVE the guys he is working with, and the income is definitely helping out our steep little bills! but i am definitely ready to see him again :) This tour has definitely been testing us as a couple, as we are trying to use the newly discovered skills that the past month and craziness have given us...we are working hard at staying connected and seeking ways to serve each other on this tour, and already it's made a gigantic difference. i have found i am more relaxed, able to focus on my schoolwork, and finding creative ways to fill my time. he has been calling frequently, throughout the day, and it has just made such a difference. not that he never called before, but i have been making an effort to really listen to him, and about his day and what is going on, even if i don't understand exactly what an amp or an LED wall mean. The guys he is out with are just fabulous. Chris, Conrad, their sweet wives, and the crew are talented, sweet and supportive. I got to say hello to them today over video and i love times like that, because i would give anything to be out to these shows! i have been keeping really busy with school but have been making almost solid straight A's! I am really thankful to the Lord for granting me energy, especially since I have been battling sickness most of the term. I'm still not 100%, but I am sleeping in tomorrow, so hopefully that will boost me up a little. I have been working loooong hours at work, swamped and overwhelmed to be honest, but trying to focus on being productive. definitely have been convicted by the Lord to not complain, so i try my best to just do good work and not whine about it. I really do love my job, my coworkers and my boss. They are incredibly flexible and supportive, and i don't know how i would survive school without them and their working around my schedule. As school is winding down, I willl be working up to 40-45 hours weeks from 30 hour weeks. Whew! I am thankful for the income, though. Bills seem to be growing like weeds, but thank the Lord Drew and I both have jobs and i havent starved...yet ;-) This month and last brought lots of health bills, medications and inhalers and etc...set me back a total of around $200.00, but we had enough to cover it and i am thankful for the lord's provision. He never fails!

I am really excited about Wonderment, my publicity company, and the work I am doing for an artist. It's wonderful extra income and it's really what I love. lots on the horizon for my artist, and for me as a company! Lots of fun news to come about my writing as well. I am thankful!

That's all for now, i'm sleepy...

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