Sunday, May 23, 2010

a season of peace.

mark driscoll wrote a beautiful piece about women fighting fear, how men need to understand its a very real part of who we are, but also that its sin to fear and not trust God. drew and i have been going through alot of decisions since we decided not to get married this July. it changed alot, especially my housing situation and my job, and all kinds of variables. i have honestly been kind of sad most of the month...trying to adjust to not getting married, and wanting nothing more than to be in Florida on tour with Drew. it's definitely been hard to focus on working this summer instead of travelling and setting up our little home. i have had to fight fear even more than normal, and i have realized how sinful it is to not trust the Lord to work those details out. i'm thankful Drew encourages me to seek out the good in my situation and not focus on the bad aspects. He also encourages me to trust the Lord and not worry about how things will work out. They will. They always do. God is so faithful.

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