Friday, June 18, 2010


the enthusiasm about sewing that i had last week (i even went and bought yards and yards of beautiful fabric, zippers, and thread) has quickly dissolved into exhaustion as i have been working 40 hours a week. add to that my twisted ankle and bruised knee and pretty much i have been asleep after work every night...i stay awake long enough to talk to drew and thats about it. last night, a few friends and i started a summer movie club. we watch one war movie a week. its sort of depressing, but they definitely make you appreciate the military. brandon, my friend from nursing school, was in the Navy for 7 years, so he has tons of military hats. he made us all wear one (yes, seriously) for the ceremonial watching. we watched 'stop-loss', which was a fabulous movie (though it had tons of language) that was sobering and thoughtful. i highly recommend it if you can overlook the language (most of it is in the context of war, which seemed to make it less offensive, since it was realistic and not gratuitous).
i am ridiculous excited about the new twilight and the new toy story 3. i dont think i can talk drew into seeing both of them, but i bet he would like toy story more (he agreed to watch twilight because he is a good fiance, but i feel kindof bad making him sit thru that ;) drew is wrapping up his last few dates in FL with chris and one is happier about end of tour than ME! actually, everyone on the tour is pretty wiped out and ready to see their families too. the tour went pretty well, but alot of things were more work than they were anticipating, so needless to say, drew is ready to be home. he gets back to montgomery on tuesday, then gets a few days of rest, then back out for a one-off and then to birmingham to pick ME up! i cant wait to see him! when i see him again, it will have been 45 days since i last said goodbye. this life is definitely rough on these long runs, but we are thankful for his income and the experience he has gotten, even though it keeps us apart.
i am very excited for vacation...

i am in the midst of applying for every scholarship i can think of...i'm so tired of writing essays i cant even think anymore! it's like working on top of working my regular job. blech. in more exciting news, i am working with a new indie artist...he shows alot of promise...i'm very excited about it. and i am also in the process of beginning to freelance write again for the summer! the income is so good, and though i was happy to have a break, i'm ready to get back into it. i miss the community of writers i used to work with. lots on the horizon. God is always good and faithful and we are so thankful!


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