Monday, June 7, 2010

a random update

21 days until i'm back in Bama, hitting the beach and spending long and lazy days with my Love and our dear friends.

Excited for events like the arrival of Baby Willis, and seeing our Rush of Fools family, and spending time with my friends while Drew is on tour for a few days. Hopefully going to Orange Beach or Pensacola if the oil spill hasn't ruined the water. Can't wait! I'm bringing new books, dozens of dresses, my iPhone, and a hat for the sunshine! busy summer ahead, full of travel and work and hopefully, fun and sunshine. i'm heading on a raft trip on wednesday, camping with the nursing school and braving a class 3 and 4 river! as long as we all make it alive, it'll be least we're all nurses, so there's no lack of medical care :) i get to meet my new nephew, jack, this summer too, and watch five of my friends tie the knot...just watched seven friends graduate and can't wait to being planning my wedding and graduation. this is definitely a weird time period...i feel old. Lots of life changes; my beloved roomies Liz and Em are moving out, which is bittersweet. Definitely looking forward to getting married and moving ahead in my career; college is getting old and tiring. i'm ready to be a wife and a full-time nurse.

21 days...hopefully it zips by!

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Kiera said...

are you rafting in So. Oregon...grew up rafting the Rogue and Klamath...have a great time!