Friday, February 26, 2010

do i really mean it?

when one of my friends was going through a hard time last week, i had coffee with her. as we left, i said "I'll pray for you!". i was thinking about this as i drove to work this morning; about how flippantly we offer intercession. i'm quick to say that ill pray for something, but i'll admit, sometimes i forget. i might mumble something during my dinner prayer or as i'm half asleep before bed, but i honestly pray a lot less than i offer prayer support. i wish i was better at this...i'm thinking setting aside a time for serious, intercessory prayer would be a great idea. my college pastor always emphasizes prayer so heavily, it's definitely made me rethink how i view how easily we come into conversation with the Lord. i appreciate the way that because of redemption, we can come without hindrance into the presence of the Lord! how beautiful this sweet communion with our Saviour. but also, how Holy and divine is He to us, truly, when we mumble our half-thought-out prayer? nichole nordeman, one of my all-time favorite songwriters, summed it up like this:

Have I come too causually?
Because it seems to me
There's something I've neglected
How does one approach a Deity
with imformality
And still protect the Sacred?

'Cause you came and chose to wear the skin of all of us
And it's easy to forget You left a throne

And the line gets blurry all the time
Between daily and Divine
And it's hard to know the difference
Oh, let me not forget to tremble

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Your blog is adorable! LOVE The headers and your photos!