Thursday, February 18, 2010


this month is flying by! i am super busy with nursing school (and should be doing homework not blogging...) but i am loving my clinical and realizing more and more what an immense privilege it is for me to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity! how amazing to be humbled and awed each day by His new mercies to me in my career. i am so very thankful!my sweetheart is in Orlando this weekend, doing some shows. i am slightly jealous he gets to be in the sunshine of florida, while ashland persists in rain and snow. we are praying about a lot, as this month has tested us in new ways. especially me, emotionally and physically. i have lost about 10 pounds that i cant really afford to lose and have been struggling to have an appetite to maintain a healthy weight. just seems i am too busy sometimes! i have been working more for Halogen, grateful for the extra income, but more, for the joy writing with such a wonderful team of people. When i was going through everything with my eye they were so incredibly supportive. i have struggled more this month with the distance between drew and i and have been encouraged by my mom, who is the best example of a Godly helpmate i have ever seen! if i am half of the wife and mom she is, i will be friend amelia told me, "it never gets easier! we watch them (husbands) leave and it never is good, but i have kept reminding myself that it is his calling and i am to be a part of it". that has helped me have a better attitude with dealing with it and not having a pity party. i'm working on a 30 page paper (yikes!) , and so when my sweet little macbook air has decided to be sickly. i am rushing down to sacramento and redding this weekend with my roommate to the apple store to get it fixed. kinda threw a crunch in the homework plans, but i have an understanding boss, and am doing homework in the sunshine today instead of working! it's a pain to have to go to cali, but i love
okay, thats it for now :) thanks for reading about my crazy little life! above all, Jesus is faithful and i learn it more every day!

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