Thursday, September 30, 2010

accepting the answers

i must have cried at least three times this week.

see, i went back to school on monday, and it began the endless cycle of homework, assignments, no free time, and exhaustion. i'll be the first to admit, i wasnt thrilled about the sudden transition from happy summer to dreary fall. through it all, my family and friends and wonderful fiance have all rallied and i am ready to face senior year (i think!). this week was emotional. juggling a prestigious medical program, a wedding, family, and a semblance of a social life is not easy. so, i cried at least three times this week.

things got more emotional on tuesday, when news came that Drew would have an opportunity to head back out on the road as a manager. moving here and finding an 8-5 was the goal of pulling out of the industry a month ago, but it appeared that that was not the path for this next month. I was, of course, more emotional about him being on the road, compounded with the sudden onslaught of responsibility and school/work. i cried some more. but i thought about it...and i realized that God had answered the prayer i have been praying with an answer i didn't want to hear. i have been praying for drew, steadily asking that he would find something he loved, something that would pay the bills, and help create financial stability for this coming season. God gave it to us, in a way we never saw coming, but nonetheless, a yes. a gentle, kind, always faithful yes to our plea.

He always does.

i whine, complain, and demand for it to happen the way i want it to, but God always trumps my will.
and i'm thankful. because He gets it. way more than me and my little brain.

so here we go, headed into a little longer of band life, me at home and my Love traveling. and it's okay. it really is.

I'm thankful for the yes.

even if i didnt see it coming.

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