Tuesday, September 7, 2010


this past week has flown by! my Love flew safely in on Tuesday. He moved into a sweet little attachment to my friend Andy and Kristy's house; like a half-studio that he is helping remodel. it's a huge blessing to us right now! We have spent the past few days just enjoying hanging out; running little errands and eating meals together (what a concept!) its amazing to have a steady date night every week, to see him daily, to just know he's within a few miles. I know girls who actually get sick of their husbands/boyfriends and i am pretty sure if they lived 2100 miles apart they wouldnt ever take it for granted again! yesterday he and andy put in a window. very manly activity. i sat on the couch and watched. which probably was a good thing since i am terrible with directions, tools, building, or anything related to hardware stores or house building.

i'm jetting off the caribbean on thursday morning, leaving my sweet boy to his own devices while i am gone...he will be busy job-searching i am sure. school starts up with a vengeance on the 21st...definitely gonna be an adjustment to juggle everything and our upcoming wedding as well, but its lovely to have him home!

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