Friday, October 15, 2010

wish list

fellow blogger addi did this on her blog, and it was kindof fun. both of us have begun a very un-fun but needed budget overhaul. this means less money for fun clothes (that neither of us need!!!) and more money for you know, things like rent and food and the bluetooth i have needed for about five months. haha!

so we are making wishlists of things that we can either save up for, or just dream about :) maybe writing about it will help curb my cravings...

well this one is maybe in the budget...LIFE AS WE KNOW movie i really want to see! so maybe when drew is home :)

natalie kim dresses for gamedays. i love this, but i bought fabric for 20 dollars and am gonna make it myself. plus, in oregon, its cold by football season. if i was in a sorority in auburn, it would be worth the hefty $145!

ALL SEASONS of grey's. i'd love to own all of them. favorite show ever! but at 40 dollars a season...maybe not yet :)

not gonna these steve madden pumps. thinking i may splurge on them for graduation shoes in june! :)

This beautiful jacket is of course, Anthropologie. i love it's ladylike silouette, but the price tag of 149 isnt in the budget for now!

This coach tote is exactly what i want for can stow my macbook air, camera, and my wallet and still look stylish.

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