Monday, August 9, 2010

NCLEX, work, job hunting

NCLEX, job hunting, work. yep..that pretty much sums up our life for now..looking for a temporary job for drew while i finish school, registering for all 8 credits for school, hunting for a house, planning a wedding. things just don't slow down for us! on a happier note, i got new glasses this week. hadnt had new ones in 3 years. when i first put them on, i started to feel faint and threw up because they were so strong. thankfully my eyes adjusted. i dont recommend sticking them on so fast...definitely a bad idea. i have been enjoying a very busy summer...i wish it would slow down. now its time to start studying for my NCLEX exam which is next year and is going to be hard for me because though i get excellent grades, i dont test well. i have real trouble with exams, so i am definitely starting early. eek. i am dying to sew, but i dont have time. maybe someday ;) i bought yards of beautiful vintage fabric and little buttons and everything, but i just cant find time or energy to devote to it. :(

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