Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fun and happy things

wow..summer is flying by. seems like i have rarely been home...!
my work has shifted to ten hour days, so im working 7-6, and it's definitely been an adjustment to drag myself out of bed!
i am thankful for my boss and the flexibility he gives me to allow me to work two jobs and attend school.

My little company is growing fast, and I just signed a new artist and have two more prospective artists signing with me in a few months. I'm thrilled. i LOVE my job and love building my new little "family" of artists. So far, i just fall more and more in love with my work. We are launching my website on the 15th of August, and I purchased a domain and site. It's all very exciting! If things keep up, I could begin working part time at my day would surely be nice to focus on school. i'm taking 18 credits this fall term, and im not entirely sure if i will LIVE to the wedding at this rate....i cant remember the last time i slept...i'm taking the psychology of sports and intro to theories of criminal justice and law, and ten credits of nursing classes. its pretty much a recipe for no sleep until graduation. :) i'm also back with CCM...and i love it. writing has always been my love, and CCM is where i started, so im definitely loving the articles and things i am getting to do. we have a great team of people there.

in between my crazy travel schedule and my work, we are planning a wedding! december is our month, and we are deciding between two different days. hopefully when drew moves, we will have a little more time to plan and work on little projects. we are very, very ready to just hurry up and be married! im counting down the days until he's HERE...I have surely missed my Love, and am ready to adjust to him being home for more than a few days.

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