Thursday, January 14, 2010


as i write this, two american young women struggle to survive in Haiti. the beautiful woman in the photo above is one of them. Jamie and Ali. After the collapse of an orphanage, they now are responsible for 150 babies and small children. with

no food.

no water.

no supplies.

they are living in the front yard of the orphanage. american planes have offered to come retrieve the women, but they refuse to leave these children. the american government is furiously working to waive citizenship and visa laws for these children so all 152 of them can get on a plane and leave the rubble. problem is...the government can only work so fast.

thing is....these children are adoptees.

they have families waiting for them to come home. they have already been placed in forever-homes.

and even if they can get paperwork...time is running out. with no supplies, the children will die.

they need a miracle. would you pray with me?

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Kiera said...

thanks for posting this of my heart breaks has been not know how to pray, getting specific's on Haiti helps those of us who can't fly there, it helps us forms words for our prayers that were otherwise just cries of help. please keep us updated on this situation.