Friday, January 8, 2010


i put my Love onto a plane on tuesday night, after a tear filled dinner date (on my part, not his, since he holds it together much better than me when one of us leave, i bawl through dinner, its like "*sob* yes ill have the steak *gulp* and a soda *sob*. im sure our waitress thinks he was breaking up with me.). its back to adjustments again. adjusting to grocery shopping alone, and lunch breaks alone, and tuesday night video chats instead of date night. its really hard adjusting when we are back apart on other sides of the country. i forget the little things its nice to have him here. i like having someone to go to the movies with, and to fill my car up and to help me balance my budget. i love holding his hand, and going to dinner, and getting dressed up just because we get to go out together. its hard becoming independent all over again, because i like depending on him. he's dependable. responsible. hard working, patient, and oh-so-sweet.

truth is, i love him. and i miss my best friend.

made me think about how dependent i am on the Lord. i forgot the Lord is here to do the things that Drew can't do when he isn't here. I forget the Lord is my provider and my protector. Drew fights for me and loves me and sacrifices for me...the Lord did all those things first, before He gave me my almost-husband. i forget sometimes. Drew remembers. He entrusts me to Jesus whenever he leaves, knowing fullwell that the Lord will carry me when he can't be here to hold my hand. but sometimes, i forget.

i'm still adjusting.

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Allison said...

LOVE this post!! Sounds like you two have an amazing relationship.

Well congrats on the engagement! I am recently engaged! Quite fun. i started a bit of a bridal blog and all. So excited to plan the wedding!

Hope yours is going well :)