Thursday, June 7, 2012


it's June! we have a five month old little girl! life is going by much too fast. our little sweetie pie is growing like a weed, fitting in all her 6 mos clothes, and almost growing out of some! Emmy is talking, saying "mama", "bye" and "hi". her little voice is absolutely the greatest thing i have ever heard. the other day, we were driving, and she said "hi mama!" from the backseat. She is also rolling over, both ways, and giggling about everything.

Emmy is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night! it's absolutely glorious to not wake up in the middle of the night or even the early evening. i thank the Lord daily for a baby who loves to sleep. i'm so thankful we did the "baby whisperer"'s not for everyone, but it's worked fabulously for us. Emmy is a blessing, and i learn more every day as her mama.

Drew received a promotion at work recently...i am so proud of him. he also celebrated his 25th birthday with friends and family, and a special surprise visit from his dad, John. Drew is very much like his father; who is a sweet and Godly man...i am very thankful for him. Emmersyn loved her grandaddy, and had lots of fun playing with him when he was here. Drew's dad said he has never seen Drew "more happy than now", and thanked me for taking care of his son and sweet, it moved me to tears.

As a family, we have kept very busy, we drove to crater lake last week, housesat, had a birthday party, and have many more events coming up this summer! Emmy is great, portable, and sweet, so we have kept up all our regular activities since she was born (to everyone who thinks your life is "over" when you have a child, it's's incredibly fun and joyful!), including full night's sleep! :) I signed a brand new artist, burning Cypress, who I'm excited to introduce to everyone very soon.

God is so good, we are ever thankful!

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