Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 weeks old!

How can it really have been 12 weeks since this precious girl entered our lives? Everyone was right; it goes by way too fast. She is growing up right before our eyes.

Here are some highlights of her sweet growth and learning:

-Finally outgrowing newborn diapers (not sure why it took so long, but I think it may have been that I hadn't noticed they were so small. Oops! :)

-Wearing 0-3 month jammies and clothes.

-Sitting in the Bumbo like a big girl! We just got this, and she really likes it.

-Sleep: 9-10 hours a night, five 1.5 hour naps a day, self soothing in her own crib. Absolutely silent bedtimes, and her ability to put herself right to bed without rocking or nursing to sleep is amazing...she's been pretty much doing that from the start!

-Seeing Grandma and Papa every Tuesday while mommy and daddy go on a date, and having fun babysitters like Miss Emily, and "Uncle" Brent and Debbie.

-Still trying to roll over, but not quite interested in it yet, just wiggling.

-Entertaining everyone, everywhere we go. Target, grocery store, Starbucks. (It's pretty sad when the barista knows your kid...). Singing and talking to herself loudly attracts quite a lot of admirers.

-Being an overall giggly, happy, content baby! She is so easy and fun!

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