Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

It's shaping up to be a pretty exciting year for us, considering our tiny girl is set to arrive any day! We can't wait to be parents. I decided to make some new years resolutions for 2012; pretty sure I can at least accomplish number 3:)

1) love Jesus: excited to be starting a bible study with a friend
2) love my little family; I get to be a MOM!
3) have a baby!!!
4) grow my company: Do great work. Period. I want to gain more clients and do the best work possible.
5) pass my NCLEX. I've let the fear of failing a second time scare me into not re taking it yet and it's time to go for it. Im back to studying because I DO love being a nurse more than being scared of failing.
6) go back to work. It's been an up and down battle with going to work or not, but we have decided I will go back to work possibly around May or June, for 1-2 days a week. Preferably on call at Providence. I feel the Lord has gifted me to be a nurse and I truly love it. Though I hate to leave my tiny girl, we feel at peace this is the right decision.
7) pay off our debt! We have only student loan debt, but we feel it's irresponsible to let it summer any longer than it needs to. So we want to pay it off quick!
8) try new things! Cook more. Decorate my house. Become a homemaker.
9) LOSE ALL MY BABY WEIGHT BY MARCH! Everyone says I have to allow 9mos to lose it all.. Not gonna happen... I have always been tiny and love to run. I'm confident I can lose it fast!
I also have a brand new pair of jeans to motivate me in my pre pregnancy size :)

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