Thursday, April 7, 2011

those girls.

my husband and i can't help but snicker a little bit when my grandma watches jeopardy. we watch it too, but she always comments on the weight of the contestants. it's funny, because of the tone she uses and her totally indignant comments, but it's sobering too.
because i do it too.
you know those girls, right? the ones you see in wal mart or downtown. girls overweight, with heavy eyeliner, wearing less-than-modest clothes. they don't dress in style, they probably never finished high school...we think all these things. they are the
teen mom.
the girl who sleeps around.
the one who does drugs.
and i know i have made those comments too. i have sat in starbucks, sipping five dollar coffee, wearing designer jeans, holding my coach bag... and making snide comments about the girls who clearly have no concept of fashion or style. i cringe just writing it. but i do.
maybe their sin is evident. maybe they slept around in high school and that's why they are toting around a toddler or two. maybe they did drugs and that's why they're missing some teeth. maybe they are promiscuous, and that's why they show so much skin.
and i am no better.
just because we, as a society have become quite good at covering up our "white collar sins"...sins like gossip, slander, doesn't mean they are not there. and i may be well dressed and have my hair done and have a good job or wear expensive shoes..but it doesn't matter if my heart is still sinful.
moreover....those girls? the ones we are so quick to judge?
i see some of them in the hospital and their stories are not as they seem.
it's a shattered heart behind eyeliner.
it's an eating disorder behind twenty extra pounds.
it's a date rape victim behind the missing teeth.
a struggling single mother behind the two toddlers.
and it may be a homeless teen behind the "unstylish" clothes.


me too.

i am each and every day that i meet these girls in the hospital. every shift is a parade of patients, each one, i am certain, sent from the Lord to smack me over the head with humility. these girls have the whole world pointing fingers and whispering about them. they already don't feel loved, whole, or beautiful. and the last thing they need is me adding to the noise.


GoJessGo! said...

Oh Grace, I can so relate. Working in social work, I see the same parade of girls and it can be so hard to bite back the comments...until I read their case histories. Until I fully digest their suffering lives and then I am shamed.

You are way ahead of the game sister..."Blessed are those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy." Matt 5:7

Tumor Hater said...

awe, i love this grace...
we are always so quick to judge. its so pointless too. who do we think we are? deep down we know what truely matters, and im glad that we have the Lord to whisper reminders that lead us to humility and reality.

Addi said...

This is so good Grace. I can so relate. I know I've participated in this with you. Thanks for the sobering reminder. I am so fortunate to have not experienced anything like the hardships so many of these girls we are so quick to judge experience. Instead of taking our good fortune for granted and using it to judge others we need to use it to bless and minister to them. I am going to take this with me through this week and hopefully the rest to come.

Christan Perona said...

Thank you for this... your post brought tears to my eyes. Your honesty is refreshing.

Kristen said...

oh my goodness! what a great read this is...this should be read by every middle school girl....AND their mothers!
I'm humbled and so glad I found you here :)