Monday, November 1, 2010

hello november.

im sitting in psychology, trying desperately to avoid listening, because i really dislike this class. although i am barely trying, i am getting between 83 and 97 percent on every assignment, including the midterm, so clearly it requires little effort!

i am pouring myself into nursing school however, and am holding strong to an A , which hasnt happened in an few terms. No matter how tired I am, I somehow am managing to get an A on everything. miracles never cease.

it is almost christmastime. okay, not really. but i believe in skipping thanksgiving and going straight to christmas! :)
with 40 days to go until the wedding, definitely way too much to do, but its slowly getting done. the first round of invitations went out this last weekend, to our industry friends (it was a liiittle surreal addressing one to mac powell :) and the second round will go out this weekend. my wedding shower is sunday, and i cant wait to see all my wonderful friends. they are lovely!
sadly, i tried on my wedding dress and ahem...i gained some weight. not alot, but enough to make close. yep. talk about a crisis! i have to eat salads for about a month. and hit the gym. hard. thanks to my mom, she can alter it a little so it fits better. no more halloween candy for me. i told you it was sad!

my photographer is amazing, and we are sooo happy we chose alisha! she is phenomenally talented and so sweet. my florist decided not to do my flowers this last weekend. although i was upset about this, we will justhave to find another one. sigh.oh well! it will all get done! because...well, it has to:)

drew is still looking for a job...unfortunatley the job market isnt great. a job opened up in montgomery, and it was hard to see that it would have been perfect. but cest la vie...we made the decision for him to move here and we know it was the right one. God will most definietly open the best one up, and we have to trust :)

Thats all for now. xoxo

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