Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little update on our life

we just celebrated one year of being engaged, and we went back to Nashville to where drew proposed last july. We had a blast on our vacation, spending time in Nashville, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Montgomery and Birmingham. We definitely are undergoing lots of changes, but it's all good, and we are excited. We are getting married this December, the official date is yet to be announced, we want to lock in all our vendors before we announce it! (Can you tell we both do concert and event coordination?!) Drew is pulling out of the music industry for a little while as well, and making plans to move to Oregon! We are completely thrilled to be living in the same city. Please be praying for a job for him, and for us as we learn to adjust to this change...I graduate in June 2011, and then we will have to see where God leads us in both of our jobs. In the meantime, I will keep working at SOU, and also working as a publicist and artist manager. My company is taking off, and I love what I do. I also am going back to writing for CCM, and am excited for that new venture. Then it's onto new adventures of being married (YAY!) and starting our life together :)

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