Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oregon updates!

whew! i am back in oregon, and things have hit fast forward.
it's great to be home. and getting to see the people i have missed this summer while in nashville and alabama, including my lovely family. school starts september 28th, and i am taking a full load of nursing classes, including one full shift of rotations at the hospital a week. i am thrilled about getting more time in the operating room, since it's my favorite! right now i am juggling working 40+ hours a week, and working several other jobs...keeping me busy and things i am excited about this week:

-working on managing the flu crisis at the university and collaborating on a plan with the health department
-developing a plan for social networking to be implemented by 2010
-getting things together for nursing school to start!
-working as an artist manager and booking agent to three artists and one record label
-just got accepted as the TOMS SHOES campus rep for my university, one of about twelve who were chosen for these colleges in the state! i am very excited.
-writing two articles for HALOGEN on social justice and hope.
-brainstorming three features for with indie bands
-back to school week for my campus bible study, praying that i will be able to commit alot of time to this awesome ministry.
-the BLOOM book club! check it out at, started by my friend Matthew's wife, Jessica Turner.
-blogs to read:,,

I'll be leaving friday for a four-show run with chris and conrad, with stops to work with Toby mac and Paul wright. Excited to connect with friends of drew and i along the way. VERY excited to see my precious niece and nephews, as well as my dear best friend Heidi who i have not seen since june. Should be a busy, fun weekend split between Puyallup WA, Portland ,and Corvallis.

Drew and i will be getting our engagement pictures back this week or early next week and i am eager to see them. is amazing and we were so blessed by Kim's (Drew's stepsister) wonderful shoot.

that's all for now.

life is good. God is good.
my fiance is amazing. i love him so much!

and i am thankful to the Lord for these blessings and gifts He has let me borrow for now.

(ps-excuse the messy blog layout...i haven't had time to format it...)

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