Friday, December 5, 2008

this day's been crazy but everything's happened on schedule...

this week has been a learning experience.
i think maybe God is trying to teach me patience.
or at least a measure of trust.
and yet...its all been okay.
i have become aware, this week, that i will not be returning to nursing school (unless a large miracle occurs) in the Spring as i had initially imagined. was i devastated? yes.
my last five years have been devoted to nursing school. as the epitome of what i defined as success, it seemed the end-all to worth, and self esteem. when asked "what are you up to these days?", nursing school always emerged first. as if i had to make sure that i got that out there, and it set the standard that "im doing something productive, see?" and then i could mention all the other, inconsequential things that i am doing. then i could breathe easy, as long as the other person (perhaps a classmate from high school, or a family friend) knew that i had my life together and was, in fact, accomplishing a superb career.
and then it was gone.
and i realized that i had to swallow hard and say..okay Lord. I get it. I get it.
its not about what i do. its about who I am. better yet, its about Who You Are, and who that, in turn makes me. when your definition of success is taken from you, you have to grasp onto a new definition of success.
maybe it will be the fact that i feel God is caling me to work with sexually trafficked little girls in Ethiopia. success in the world's eyes? probably not really. it's a low paying job, with eternal repercussions. there are little girls the age of my precious niece who are being violated in ways no one should imagine.
and no one is there to hold them. there's even more that defines who i am. i want to get to the point, when people ask me what i am up to, that i say "im loving people. im loving my family. im feeding the homeless. im advocating for children who dont have a voice. im living my life slowly. im savoring the moments before my nephew gets too big to hold in my arms. im smiling more. im running every day, because i love the freedom i have when i run. im listening more and talking less. im praying without ceasing. im spending time people who are drug addicts and alcoholics and inviting them for dinner so i love them like Jesus."
isnt that success?
nursing school...yea. it was important. i made decisions that catalyzed it disappearing. im aware of that. but im eager to step into the Story that God is not yet done with. maybe He wants to move me to another country and let me work for free to save the very least of these. maybe He wants me to get a grip on the events in my nation and my world so i can better see like Him. maybe He just wants me to be Still.
and listen.
i dont know.
i dont have a major.
i dont have a class schedule.
but i have a God who Loves Me Beyond Measure. He died for me. and He will never leave me nor forsake me.
He is still writing. it's not done.
His plans are perfect.
His schedule always runs on time.

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SarahJane said...

Thanks for this post sis. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. We are super proud of you no matter where your "career" takes you. What matters most is Glorifying Him in using the talents He has given you. (being an awesome Aunt is one of your best talents :) LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!