Monday, April 14, 2008


1. Ten years ago I was...ten! sure I was going to be the next Michelle Kwan, no joke. I would have been too, if skating lessons weren't a hundred dollars an hour! Maybe I just wanted to wear the pretty costumes!

2 Things on my to do list today: 1) keep finding a job! 2) work out (which I did, I ran a mile and then did the elliptical!) 3) get to bible study on time!

3 Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire: 1) buy a house 2) pay my way through Nursing school! 3) go to uganda to do AIDS relief 4) Take the figure skating lessons! 5) Fly to Nashville to work at CCM

4 Bad Habits: 1) Biting my nails 2) Listening to music in the library at school too loud
3) Daydreaming in class, and listening to my ipod when I should be listening to the teacher

5 Places I have lived: 1) Incheon, Korea (duh), 2) Chico, Cali, 3) Medford OR

7 Things people don't know about me (quirky things about me): When I was little I really did want to be Michelle Kwan 2) I also wanted to be the next big wedding dress designer
3) I am deathly afraid of drowning, and water in general 4) I am actually a fast runner! When I was running seriously, I was at a 5 minute, 50 second mile.

8 Things that make my life superfabulous right now: 1) Jesus 2) BETH, BEN, TIM, ALLY 3) My family 4) My wonderful friends 5) My bible study group! 6) My ipod :)

okay i tag brenna and anne!

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